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What is blunt

blunt is a type of inexpensive cigar which is usually machine rolled such as Swisher Sweets, Garcia y Vega, Philly Blunts, White Owls, or Dutch Masters. These cigars typically consist of two main parts; the inner leaf is similar to a cigarette rolling paper, except it is made of tobacco, and the outer leaf which is rolled around the inner leaf in a spiral. In North America, a blunt refers to a cigar that has been taken apart and rolled with marijuana .

Recently, a host of Blunt Papers and Blunt Wraps have appeared on the market. With names such as Blunt Wrap, E-Z Roll Tube & Miami Blunt, these are essentially pre-made, 100% tobacco rolling papers. All that is needed is to spread the cannabis evenly throughout the blunt paper, roll it up and seal it (lick it). Most are sealed in individual bags so as to keep them fresh and moist and flexible (dry cigar leaves are prone to cracking).

Blunts are more common in the younger circles (group of friends coming togther to smoke). Often times old smokers will refuse to smoke a blunt because they claim it is too harsh, tastes bad, or they simply do not like the idea of mixing their cannabis with tobacco. As the blunt is essentially a cigar, no extra tobacco need be added into the cannabis mixture, so as not to overwhelm the taste of the cannabis. Its very un-common for people to roll joints mixed with tobacco in North America, while it seems to be very common in places like the UK. Blunts are generally larger, longer and slower burning than marijuana cigarettes ( joints ) which are rolled with normal rolling paper. This makes them particularly appealing for people who want something a bit more special to smoke and to share with several people.

There are two popular methods for rolling a blunt. In leafing, the outer leaf of the cigar is moistened and removed whole, leaving the inner leaf which is then folded and filled with ground marijuana. The inner leaf is then re-wrapped in the outer leaf, which must remain moist. Leafing creates a tightly-rolled and durable blunt, providing an even burn.

Another technique, known as spliffing, involves splitting a cigar lengthways down the middle, removing the tobacco (spilling the guts or gutting), replacing it with marijuana, and resealing the cigar. The outer leaf on cigars such as Phillies is very hard to remove, compared to other cigars such as Dutch Masters, therefore this is the preferred way to roll these blunts.

A New Yorker or wu-banger is a blunt mixed with cocaine (a combination known as primo, or the west coast, known as chewy, in the south known as a dirty)

Blunt is also a term used in the UK to denote any cannabis cigarette which is comprised of purely cannabis and no tobacco, as opposed to the more common UK method of smoking, which is a mix of cannabis and tobacco in a large rolling paper, or several small ones spliced together.




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