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What's a water pipe?

Water pipes are made in many different sizes and design. On top of each pipe you'll find a bowl in which you can place your favourite smoking blend. When lit, the smoke is drawn through water before reaching your mouth and lungs. The water has an important filter effect. A large part of carcinogens like tar are filtered by the water. In addition, the water cools the hot smoke and the protecting mucous membrane of the lungs will be less harmed.

Water pipes find their origin in the Ottoman Empire: once a world power with a high level of civilisation. Water pipes where called `Narquile' then. Turkey is all that remained of this impressive empire. Water pipes are still very popular in the Middle East. Water pipes in these regions are used to smoke special kinds of tobacco, like honey and apple tobacco. Smoking and sharing a water pipe amongst friends can be seen as a sign of friendship and trust.

When smoking your favourite smoking blend with a water pipe you don't use tobacco. Just the pure herb will do. By not using tobacco you will only get pure herbal elements in your lungs creating a feeling that is more intensive and clear. Tobacco has a contrary effect. A combination of these two makes you dull and tired sooner. You need to smoke more to feel good. This is sheer an effect of the addition of tobacco. The water in the pipe filter's a great deal of the tar and other carcinogens from the herbs, making the smoke even more pure.



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