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What's a Vaporizer?

Vaporisers have a built-in heating element, which heats the your favourite herbs to a sub-flammable temperature, thus activating and releasing all the all active chemicals in the Herb of your choice. As you don't burn the plants only the active/healing chemicals and the etherical oils vaporise. This way you inhale all the good parts of the herb without the tar and carbon monoxide, which are hazardous for lungs and health.

The first vaporiser was made in 1995. Soon it proved to be very suitable for medical use. A lot of effort and research is done to develop a vaporiser that doesn't burn the herbs and leave an odourless, green-brownish powder after vaporising. The vaporisers of today offer a method to smoke in a healthy and tastefully way.

The effect of vaporising is the purest feeling you can imagine. Compared to water pipes the effect comes on gently but vaporising gives you a sensation that is more intense and clear. Vaporising is done without tobacco. Using tobacco makes you feel wasted and makes you tired sooner. Not using tobacco makes the working of the Vaporizer more pure.




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