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1. "The magic cube" symbolizes the wisdom and the countless changes. Logo is designed from the magic cube basic figure, uses the positive and negative shape art manifestation, and conforms to the Magic Arts & Crafts Glass' enterprise values of "science and technology creating wealth and art beautifying life".

2. In logo red, yellow, blue three primary colors; the blending of these three colors may create the richest brilliant colors in the world. It manifests the Magic Arts & Crafts Glass' business goal: "letting glass be an artwork".

3. Logo take magic cube as basic figure, change into the letter "M", this is Magic Arts & Crafts Glass brand abbreviation.

4. Red, yellow, blue is the flame colors; lower part logo "M" is like a spray gun spraying the flame which is processing glass handicraft. It indicates the direction of enterprise production of Magic Arts & Crafts Glass.

5. Entire logo also is three people closely embracing together, symbolizes the spirit of unity, cooperation and struggling together of Magic Arts & Crafts Glass staff members. It also symbolizes breath of vision of Magic Arts & Crafts Glass who is regarded as the modernized enterprise facing the world go forward hand in hand together with the friends of the world.

Business motto: let everyone do his or her best, make full use of everything, pursue perfection and innovation constantly

Corporate spirit: solidarity, diligence, good faith and expansion

Operating creed: customer focus, considerate service, exquisite design, and self-improvement.

Guiding principle: serve others' needs, be whole-hearted, professional and sincere

Quality control policy: best products, optimal service, highest caliber specialists and proven management practices.

Values: human orientation, respect of knowledge and talent

Objective: think creatively, endeavor to be the No.1 player in the glass processing industry

Slogan: serve the world

Mission: benefit the society, the company and employees

Moral standards: reliable, down to earth, harmonious and developing

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