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Through various efforts of both the board chairman of Magic Glass Corporation, Schroeder and the general manager of our corporation, Xinyi Lee, from February, 2008, Mr. Torson, the world famous master of arts and crafts glass, will have a teaching visit to our corporation for three months. Mr. Torson, as a technical adviser of many arts and crafts schools and large glass enterprises, has devoted himself to arts and crafts glass manufacture for 50 years. It will be his first time to teach in Asian area. As a kind of studying group, we treat technical improvement and innovation as our core values, the training of staff as an important part of corporate culture and carry out multi-level and multi-format training of both design major and comprehensive quality with might and main. About next year's training, we will adopt the method of combining centralized training and individual counselling with practice. On the basis of teaching specialist knowledge combined with items to the staff, we will adopt the method of combining the emotional with the rational to improve the level of their design and manufacture.



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