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Yongku Liu Senior mechanic / Production Supervisor

He has been engaged in the quartz glass profession for more than 30 years, has the rich work experience and the excellent technique, and has his originality as to the mold research, manufacture and development. From 1996 has been working in our company (predecessor of Hebei novart glass Co.,Ltd).



Fangjun Zhen Mechanic / Workshop director of workshop A

Graduated from Hengshui Industry school industry design specialty, is skilled in the glass design and manufacture, after the graduation continuously engage in the glass industry.



Jing Li Designer / Advertising Staff / Bachelor degree

 He graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, and has been working in Magic Arts & Crafts Glass Co.,Ltd from 2004, engaged in corporate image planning and brand design.



Yongming Xue Mechanic / Workshop director of workshop B

He has been working in Magic Arts & Crafts Glass Co.,Ltd. from 2002. His father has been engaged in the glassware industry for more than 40 years. It is nearly 10years that he studied and practiced glass manufacture from his father, and summarized a lot of advanced production technologies.




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